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Accelerate Your Art Sales…

   bond with the people who love your art

Now with so much more:
the all new
Artist Statement eBOOK
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Intimidated by writing your

artist statement?

Wouldn’t you rather spend your last dime on great art supplies…

…than figure out what to tell someone about your work…

that they can’t already see?

Ah… if it was only as simple as seeing.

If we humans weren’t so complex with our

  • visual
  • auditory
  • kinesthetic
  • psychic, and linguistic sensibilities

(to name just a few),

You need multiple strategies for bonding with people who love your art.

Because you never know which one will seal the deal!

Revealing what, how and why you do your art does not dismantle

either the beauty or mystery of it.

Quite the opposite.

Your effort to reach out invites others to

participate in the mystery and to share the beauty.

When I wrote Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work, I took it all on.

As one art educator asked me, Goodness, what did you find to say for 142 pages?

As it turns out—when you peel back the layers of private vs public language—there’s more than meets the eye!

And now, announcing…

The newly revised 2023 eBook Edition

along with our

Writing the Artist Statement “AMBITIOUS BUNDLE”

This AS eBOOK 2023 Edition hits different…

  • The single, guiding principle behind a working definition of an artist statement
  • Why your statement is never a bio, cv, or badly

disguised critique

  • Which fears stop you cold—in writing, art, or life
  • A way to do what AI can never do: capture your organic “self-talk” about your art. (I promise, you’re talking all the time about your work, even when you don’t think you are.)
  • Proven writing methods
  • A way to uncover, and share, the soulful place you go when creating your work
  • A way to “seal the sale” with serious collectors
  • What gallery owners really think about artist statements
  • Which top 7 presentation strategies compel people to read your statement, then turn around for a second look at your work

Plus you get 3 Savory Treats in the AS Ambitious BUNDLE …

  • 1.YOUR “Stay-On-Track Workbooks,” which arrive in

    your inbox, once a week for 7-Weeks:

    • Each workbook is a companion to your “Reading & Writing Schedule” so you can dive deeper into the material.
    • Each workbook follows the book –> Writing The Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work.
    • Each workbook lays out the exact sequence of action steps you need to write your artist statement by the end of Week 7.

    2.The “Reading & Writing Schedule — twice-weekly

    email (for 7 weeks), to keep you engaged & on track:

    • Email #1 summarizes the previous week, lays out the. current week’s schedule, and gives you prompts to work off of.
    • Email #2 lays out the 2nd half of that week’s work, along with prompts to keep you going.

    3. Your AI Cheat Sheet

    • So you know exactly what AI can and can’t do for you
    • Brings you up to speed on AI info applicable to artists
    • Offers guidance on AI best Practices & Pitfalls

Really, I leave no stone unturned.

Well… I might have missed a pebble or two.

And you’ll have nothing but my gratitude if you point these out.

I understand you don’t want to pick through a word jungle to snack on gold.

So I’ve made this quick and easy reading with short, snappy chapters. No filler. No fluff.

And because I understand the learning power of a step-by-step process, I guide you through what, why, how, where, and when
you need your statement.

And don’t let the naysayers fool you. Artist statements get a bad rap because thefre badly written!

And they’re badly written because most artists don’t know the single, guiding purpose of an artist statement, or where to

This AS Ambitious Bundle is NOT for you if you …

Writing the ARTIST STATEMENT AMBITIOUS BUNDLE IS for you, if you …

This AS Ambitious Bundle is NOT for you if you …

  • Learn what AI can and can’t do for your artist statement
  • Follow my “Reading & Writing Schedule” to finish the book and write your artist statement in 7 weeks!
  • You do this with my series of 14 Emails that keep you on track for 7 Weeks, arriving bi-weekly
  • Each email has practical prompts connecting your daily life with the material, so you nail your first draft by Week 5

  • But that’s not all. Each week, for 6 Weeks,I’ll send you a snazzy “Taking Action Workbook” so you can go deeper into the material, integrate what you’re learning, and (most importantly) TAKE ACTION!

You get one week to cool off after your first draft…but no worries,

the bi-weekly email keeps coming to support you!

  • And remember, if you—in your heart of hearts—don’t think you got your money’s worth (and more),

you have my Heartfelt Full-Refund Guarantee. No questions asked!



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