smARTist Telesummit Podcast Intros (Intro Sales Page)

Is it possible to get recognized, exhibited, and paid for your art… without being overwhelmed? 

If you’re like most artists, you probably feel weighed down by the left-brain demands of making a living, and the nagging fear that you can’t.    

Rain or shine, when you wake up and climb out of bed there is only one thing you really want: the freedom to create.   

So, how do you get there? 

Hi Fellow Artists, 

From 2007 to 2012, I produced the first ever, professional, art-career conference: the smARTist® Telesummit—for emerging, mid-career, and established artists. 

Once a year, for six years, hundreds of artists from 16 countries around the world, and over 40 US states, attended the online, 7-day conference from the comforts of their studio or home.  

Artists who came once returned again and again. 

I absolutely got value for money. 

The smARTist Telesummit was wonderful.  

You had a superb line-up of speakers and the information was fabulous. 

 I absolutely got value for money.  

Thank you for putting this on with such grace and clarity. I am confident and inspired.  

And I’ll be telling all my artist friends to consider the Telesummit when you offer it next. ~ Stacey Apetitos 

And then we went dark.  

Because, in spite of my crackerjack team, I was mentally and physically exhausted.  

Here’s my story:


At the time, when I googled “art career,” the only references I could find were for established, or dead artists, and their “career” retrospectives, which didn’t just baffle me—it infuriated me!  

And since anger’s real call is to do something, I did.  

I imagined.  

I developed.  And then… 

I produced the smARTist® Telesummits, tailored for the radical idea of  

an art career. 

Not a hobby, not an art business—but an art career! I was determined to understand why even artists had failed to step into the mindset that making art, when done with intention and attention, is as valid a career as any other.

Six, successful, professional-development Telesummits later, and I was bone-tired, soul tired. I needed a few years off to rejuvenate and realign. 

I wanted artists to have access to professional information—from the nitty gritty (how to get into a gallery, hold a museum show, or figure out social media, etc.) to the mindsets needed for a thriving career (confidence, self-awareness, leaning into one’s authentic self, etc.). 

I poured all of myself into the smARTist® journey. And then I disappeared, and those inspired Telesummit’s disappeared with me!

Now, I’m ready to bring these art-career treasures out of our digital archives and into the light of day.   

Why now? 

Because I know how valuable art (and you, the artist) is to our collective consciousness–as you have always been to civilizations across time and the globe. 

Artists carry the Flag of Creativity in a visible, tangible form inspiring all of humankind to wake up to the truth of our essential, creative spirit. 

And missing that “career” link in our ArtLife conversations wasn’t just confounding—it was unacceptable! 

My remedy?  

I’m turning each of my six smARTist®Telesummits into individual podcasts.  

And offering all six in a Podcast Bundle… 

… so, you can experience the same art-career revelations that thousands of artists already have. 

Sometimes, out of adversity, comes opportunity. 

Last year, after attending your smARTist Telesummit, I developed workshops, lectures, and demos and plan to expand into community adult classes, book illustration, and image licensing this year. And… I am very excited about it!  

If the economy hadn’t been in the dumps, and I hadn’t taken the smARTist® Telesummit, these opportunities would have definitely been overlooked! Sometimes, out of adversity, comes opportunity. 

It’s not so much what happens in life as how you look at it. It’s how you react to what happens that really matters. – 

Much Success and Many Blessing to ALL you amazing smARTists!  ~Sandy Sandy 

I signed up with, almost the last $300 to my name. 

Ariane, thank you for putting together this smARTist Telesummit.  

It’s been incredibly inspiring on many levels, and you delivered exactly what you promised! Bravo!  

I signed up with, almost the last $300 to my name. It was this or pay my phone bill or some such thing (let alone rent!!)… That inner voice was insistent… “smARTist… smARTist… smARTist…”And so, here I am!  

There is much to digest and absorb and ponder and think about, and above all, create.  

But from here, it will be with clearer intent and a solid plan behind me. 

~Wayne  P.S. Thanks again. Now it’s time for a cup of coffee and back to work! 

I’ve organized each smARTist® Telesummit Podcast by the presenters’ topics so you can figure out which Telesummit Presentations have the information most helpful to you right now. 

And, I’ve added not one, not two, but three special bonuses to immediately apply what you learn to your art-career, right now. 


  • 28 Questions to identify your art-career intentions BEFORE you listen 

Artists often experience a major shift in their awareness right here, before hearing a single presentation. 

The Vision Questionnaire has had an amazing effect on me! 

Digging deep to get my answers for the smARTist  Vision Questionnaire has had an amazing effect on me…there is something about being honest with myself that gives me a sense of finding my “true North.”  

And a feeling that I’ve found a treasure box inside that I didn’t know I had. 

It’s been absolutely wonderful for me.  

 I feel that you started at the “real” beginning for all of us, and that this has been in integrity for your stated purpose. Thank you! 

~Jan Jensen



But with a twist:

  • Question of the Day—One critical artist question is answered, in turn, by each expert. 
  • The 2-Minute Challenge—each panel member answers a different, individual artist question. 
  • The Hot-Seat—one artist’s dilemma is highlighted and the entire panel responds.  

Here’s a few examples of artist questions over the six Telesummits: 

  • Is it desirable/important to focus on one medium/genre to build your “brand”? 
  • My husband is military so we move around a lot, usually every 2-3 years. How do I turn clients into collectors when the only way they see my work, once I leave an area, is through my website?  
  • Sometimes a collector will ask me to paint subject matter that I’m not particularly drawn to or fond of.  But I don’t want to turn down the commission.  Am I selling out if I do it?  
  • How can I help women artists collectively gain more visibility and have more exhibitions in museums? 
  • How do I extend a recent, very successful one-person exhibit—where I sold a dozen paintings—and keep the ball rolling in a venue that only showcases the same artist once in several years? 

…the Panels today were worth the price of admission. 

I really enjoyed the panel today. It was wonderful to be encouraged to make art rather than allow the negative spin on the economy to rule my thinking. 

 I am believing that all is possible, bolstered by the rich ideas and suggestions shared today 

 If this was it, the Panels today were worth the price of admission.  

Thanks, Ariane, for making possible a source of much needed good news and encouragement! ~ Vicki S 


So, you can immediately apply what you learn.  

Have you ever bought a workshop only to have it languish on your computer?  

Goodness knows, I have. 

Which is why I designed 3 Sets of Worksheets to laser focus your attention on applying what you just learned: 

Stay-on-Track Worksheets BEFORE you listen: identify where your art career is going, what’s missing, and what you need.  

Stay-on-Track Worksheets DURING listening: insert the specific information related to where your art career is going, what’s missing, and what you need.   

Stay-on-Track Worksheets AFTER you listen: create a step-by-step action plan to power-up specific projects for where your art career is going, what’s missing, and what you need.   

By Day 6, I felt I had the tools to develop every facet of my business. 

Before the Telesummit, I was floundering in self-doubt and worried about my path as a Creative Person. By Day 6, I felt I had the tools to develop every facet of my business. 

Now on the evening of Day 7, I am exhilarated with a new lease on life as a Creative Person knowing my place as an Artist in society. I feel humbled by the blessings bestowed upon me to create and yet, somehow, miraculously UP TO THE TASK! 

I feel confident about the direction I’m headed and realize that the online presence I was developing wasn’t for naught.  

Now with living, breathing examples from the smARTist Telesummit, it’s a concrete reality.  

Thank you doesn’t even cover it. ~ Jennifer Leigh Rice 

95% of our professional, career-development smARTist® Telesummits are brimming with evergreen material. 5% of the social media and website information may be technologically dated, but the core concepts remain rock-solid. 

Today, each one of these six smARTist® Telesummits Podcasts are only $97 (originally $495)  

OR your best value is all six in the Podcast Bundle for only $397 (an original $2982 value)

From Amadea Bailey’s video: Four years ago, I came to the first smARTist Telesummit, which I credit for turning around my art career.  After that first smARTist, I actually began supporting myself 100% from my art … and I still am.  
Every year I learned new things. I hear a new angle, a different way of marketing myself. I get ideas that I haven’t thought of.  And I’m going to be there again this year. 


smARTist ® Telesummit

PODCAST #1: Artists, Get Recognized, Exhibited and Paid – what you deserve!

IF YOU want smarter, more effective ways to present your art…

You want PODCAST #1.

smARTist ® Telesummit

PODCAST #2: Artists, Balance Your Life. Sell Your Art. From the comforts of home…

IF YOU want easier ways to balance making art with everything else you need for a successful art career (never mind what else is going on in your life) …

You want PODCAST #2.

smARTist ® Telesummit

PODCAST #3: Artists, Get Clear. Make a Plan. Sell More Art.

IF YOU want your artwork in the world, but are confused or overwhelmed about the best way to go about this…

You want PODCAST #3.

smARTist ® Telesummit

PODCAST #4: Attract collectors. Sell your art. …with Focus, Facts, and Fabulous Art!

IF YOU toy with the idea of working as a full-time artist, but aren’t sure where to start or how to sustain an art career…

You want PODCAST #4.

smARTist ® Telesummit

PODCAST #5: Bridge the Gap Between Making Art and Making A Living

Structure + Sustainability = Success

IF YOU have lots of ideas, but want help focusing on where to begin and how to keep going…

You want PODCAST #5.

smARTist ® Telesummit

PODCAST #6: Get More Collectors with Connection, Communication & Confidence

IF YOU want help turning confusion into clarity, confidence, and commitment so collectors come to you…

You want PODCAST #6.

OR…IF YOU are into saving big bucks… 

You want all six podcasts at 30% off the price of the individual podcasts!   

THE smARTist® Telesummit PODCAST BUNDLE… 

You covered so much so well that I consider it money well spent

My New Year’s resolution was to learn how to market my own work, and the Telesummit was made to order for jump-starting me down that path.  

As an experienced artist – but a neophyte art marketer – smARTist introduced me to concentrated information in a condensed time period. It was an immersion experience, which is my favorite and most effective way to learn. 

smARTist also gave me an opportunity to hear several art-marketing coaches speak in person, which helped me decide who I wanted to work with.  

I know that I will be listening to the presentations throughout the year, as particular needs arise. Knowing I have those recordings to hear again is a comfort.  

You covered so much so well that I consider it money well spent. ~ Huguette May