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smARTist Telesummit Podcast #1 – LIVE

smARTist® Telesummit Revival


Get Recognized, Exhibited
and Paid – what you deserve!

Imagine… you’ve been working at your art for years, and you thought you’d have more recognition by now. Yet, even as you work hard to move your career forward, everything seems to stay the same.

Is it you? Is it your art? Or is it something else?

You’ve had some exhibits, some solo shows, but attracting and keeping collectors is still a slippery slope.

Even though you feel confident about your work (on most days), it’s hard to stay positive when you’re not getting the response from the world that you want. Ironically, this chips away at the confidence you do have.

You’ve attended workshops to advance your technique and skills. You’ve even gone to workshops to figure out the business side, but nothing seems to get you to the next level.

When you’re feeling discouraged about getting your art into the world in a way that matters to you, isn’t it time for a new approach?

What if there was a group of art-career experts and very successful artists who gave you idea after idea for how to move your art career forward?

Let Dominic tell you what happened after attending smARTist® and then winning First Place in the Fine Art Category at the Prix de la Photographie in Paris:

Even areas that I didn’t think would interest me had me thinking about other possibilities.

The whole smARTist Telesummit focused me, got me inspired and motivated! ~ Dominic

smARTist® Telesummit Revival PODCAST #1:  

Artists, Get Recognized, Exhibited and Paid – what you deserve!

PODCAST #1: What Do You Get?

– 12 Art-Career Experts & Successful Artists
– 2 Mastermind Panel Discussions: Artists Ask. Experts Answer.
– 15 Established Artist and Expert Presentations


Bonus ONE: A Vision Questionnaire to identify SPECIFIC art-career intentions before you listen (So you know, ahead of time, what you are listening for.)

Artists often experience a major shift in their awareness right out of the gate, before hearing a single presentation…

The Vision Questionnaire has had an amazing effect on me

Digging deep to get my answers for the smARTist® Vision Questionnaire has had an amazing effect on me…there is something about being honest with myself that gives me a sense of finding my “true North.”

And a feeling that I’ve found a treasure box inside that I didn’t know I had.

It’s been absolutely wonderful for me.

 I feel that you started at the “real” beginning for all of us, and that this has been in integrity for your stated purpose. Thank you!

~Jan Jensen

Bonus TWO: Two Panel Discussions: Artists Ask. Experts Answer.
But we had a twist:
Question of the Day—One critical, artist question is answered, in turn, by each expert.
The 2-Minute Challenge—each panel member answers a different artist question.
The Hot-Seat—one artist’s dilemma is highlighted and the entire panel responds.

Here are some examples of artist questions:
– Is it desirable/important to focus on one medium/genre to build your “brand”?
– My husband is military, so we move every 2-3 years. How do I turn clients into collectors when the only way they see my work, once I leave an area, is through my website?
– Sometimes a collector asks me to paint subject matter I’m not fond of.  But I don’t want to turn down the commission.  Am I selling out if I do it?
– How can I help women artists, collectively, gain more visibility and have more exhibitions in museums?
– How do I extend a very successful, one-person exhibit—where I sold a dozen paintings—and keep the ball rolling when that venue only showcases an artist once in several years?

…the Panels today were worth the price of admission.

I really enjoyed the panel today. It was wonderful to be encouraged to make art rather than allow the negative spin on the economy to rule my thinking.

 I am believing that all is possible, bolstered by the rich ideas and suggestions shared today.

If this was it, the Panels today were worth the price of admission.

Thanks, Ariane, for making possible a source of much needed good news and encouragement! ~Vicki S

Bonus THREE: Your Stay-on-Track Program
Have you ever bought a workshop only to have it languish on your computer?
Goodness knows, I have.

The problem is that, when I buy a program, there’s no road map for applying what I’m learning. That’s all on me. So, I tinkered with the idea of helping you immediately implement what you’ve purchased.

Stay-on-Track Worksheet #1
BEFORE you listen: Identify where your art career is going, what’s missing, and what you need.

Stay-on-Track Worksheet #2
DURING listening: Insert the specific information related to where your art career is
going, what’s missing, and what you need.

Stay-on-Track Worksheet #3
AFTER you listen: Create a step-by-step action plan to power-up a specific project for
where your art career is going, what’s missing, and what you need.

These worksheets will guide you, clearly and easily, to target the information on each smARTist® Telesummit Revival Podcast to what your career needs, right now.

PODCAST #1: So, What Will You Learn?

– Detailed and specific art career skills–step-by-step
– From absolute “masters”
– Who translate left-brain strategies into the right-brain mind-set of creative professionals

The smARTist Telesummit gave me new found confidence and invaluable knowledge

I received much more than I expected from the smARTist Telesummit, and feel that my time and money were well spent.

As an emerging artist, who didn’t know where her career was headed, I’ve spent many restless nights not wanting to wake up the next day, fearing the future.

Now, with the information given by your smARTist experts, I have goals to achieve and actual sources that I can turn to for help.

I discovered that there are many avenues I can explore for a successful career. I have a clearer understanding of the “big picture” and what’s expected of me if I want to succeed as an artist.

I wish this had been available when I first graduated from art school a decade ago!  Although I have taken a similar course, the depth and breath of the Telesummit astounded me.

I have much work to do, to research and put into practice what I’ve learned, but I look forward to each new day with pleasure and hope.

The smARTist Telesummit gave me new found confidence and invaluable knowledge.  ~ Michelle Casey

Here’s Your smARTist®Revival Podcast #1 Line Up

1. Molly Gordon, MCC — smARTist® Entrepreneur Expert — has been a life and executive coach for over 25 years, helping people all over the world grow in authenticity and fulfillment.  

The 3 Inescapable Laws of Selling Art
– Which 5 myths stop you cold from making a profit
– Which 3 inescapable laws control how successfully you sell your art

5 & 3/4 Keys to Overnight Success: Make a name for yourself, without making yourself crazy
– How can you become a local “celebrity” artist and build your reputation faster than you imagined possible?
– How do you host a highly successful exhibition and walk away with a ton of new art lovers wanting more? 

2. Claudine Hellmuth — smARTist® Established Artist  —  is, in her own words, “a retro-whimsical artist & illustrator…bossed around by a cat named Brian.”

A Success Story: Artist As Writer And Workshop Leader
– How can writing your own book , like I did, open up entirely new streams of income (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not just the book sales!) 

3. Aletta de Wal, M. Ed — smARTist® Art-Career Expert — is “equal parts artist, educator and entrepreneur“ inspiring artists to make a better living through her consultations and classes.  

The 5 Myths That Stop You From Making a Profit
– Why you want to access and work from your ‘edge’

Getting Collectors Without Getting A Gallery
– What steps, in which order, will lead to your collectors
– What, hands down, is the best way for people to refer your work to an interested collector?
– How do you build your own database of prospective collectors and art lovers, so you can follow up on potential sales?

4. Alyson B. Stanfield — smARTist® Art-Biz Coach — is the “chief instigator” of multiple business programs for artists, and the author of I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion.

What You Must Know About Snagging Museum Exhibitions
– Exactly when and how to sneak up on a museum for an exhibition, or inclusion in a collection

  5. Geoffrey Gorman — smARTist® Established Artist & Coach — is a decades-long, practicing artist, whose sculptures have exhibited around the US, as well as in China, South Korea, and Canada, with published articles in the New York Post, Southwest Art, American Craft, American Style and Cloth, and Paper, Scissors.

Gallery Etiquette 101:
9 Things You Never Say To a Gallery Owner…if you want to show your work

6. Michael Woodward — smARTist® Art Licensing Expert — wrote Art Licensing 101, and heads up his Sarasota, FL agency, Out Of The Blue that specializes in fine art and photography.

Earn More $$: What You MUST Know About Licensing Your Art
– How can licensing your work  “tip” your art career right into the success zone?

7. Adam J. Natale — smARTist® Art Non-Profit Expert — former Executive Director of Member Services at Fractured Atlas, a multi-disciplinary, non-profit arts service organization, serving 900K artists nationwide, with 75K current members raising $175M since inception.

New Strategies for Thriving as an Artist: There is Power in Numbers!
– How do you harness the collective power of other artists so everyone thrives?
– What health care options can independent artists depend upon so they can continue to create? 

8. Susan Greaves —  smARTist® Established Artist — a painter, who discovered an unusual place to sell her art.

Selling Your Art on Ebay: I’m Spilling all my Secrets
– How to create and set up your own “art niche” that will bring in money, year in and year out (I kid you not!)
– How to use the tried-and-true secrets, of a successful artist consistently selling out on Ebay, for your own career!

9. Steve White — smARTist® Website Expert — heads up a full-service web-design company and internet marketing service.

7 Reasons Why Your Website is a Waste of Money… and How to Fix It Today
– What makes a web site swing… so you can tango with the collectors who want you and your art 
– Why isn’t your website making money, and what can you do about it right away
– How can you make sure your website is working hard, and getting you what you want… Hint: Do you know what you want?

10. Joan Stewart — smARTist® Publicity Expert & Coach — has mentored, coached, and taught more than 50,000 CEOs, small business owners, authors, speakers, experts, nonprofit executives, corporate PR pros, and publicists on how to tell their stories to the world… and get thousands of dollars in free publicity.

How to Get FREE Publicity for Your Art, Online and Offline!
– Fastest, Cheapest, and Easiest Ways to Publicize Your Small Business
– How to Use CraigsList as A Global Publicity Tool
– What are dozens of ways to get “star quality” publicity, fast and free

11. Ariane Goodwin, Ph.D. — Pioneer of the smARTist® Telesummit, your first-ever, art career conference, online or off — and author of Writing Your Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work.

Because I believe artists change the world, I want to make sure they have all the professional, art-career information they need to succeed on their terms.

Which of these Basic Mistakes are draining the lifeblood from your artist statement?
– Which presentation materials mark you as a creative professional, and which scream “amateur”
– How can you use your artist statement as honey for those collector “bees?”

Which of these Basic Mistakes are draining the lifeblood from your website?
– Why is using your website as a glorified portfolio losing you tons of recognition and money!
– How can you upgrade your professional presence with the right website (and no, white print on solid black does not cut it! What other web-deadly mistakes are you making?)
– How can your website help you effectively approach galleries and museums with credibility and confidence?

12. Linda Fries — smARTist® Established artist — is based in San Francisco, and specializes in Earth Pigments.

You, The Earth, and Toxic Art – What you don’t know can hurt you!
– Why should toxic art materials matter to you?
– What’s so special about our blue-green Earth?

I know that my art business is doable,
and that it and I can thrive.

I’m an emerging artist who participated in this year’s smARTist Telesummit–to my great up-liftment and support.

I have been listening to smARTist, as I drive around doing my day job, and I continue to learn so much.

The greatest shift is some inner awareness, understanding, and the ability to see (perception) my next steps as an artist.

 I know that my art business is doable, and that it and I can thrive.  ~ Stede Barber

Are you ready to Get Recognized, Exhibited and Paid – what you deserve?

smARTist® Telesummit Revival

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