Are you juggling your art, a day job, your family, friends, and what’s for dinner?

What, on earth, do successful artists do – not sleep?

smARTist Revival Podcast #2

Balance Your Life, Sell Your Art

Another 7-Day, Full Immersion,
Professional-Development Conference
for all Art Career levels:
Beginning, Mid-career, & Established

You are producing work you love, you’re putting in the time and effort that comes straight from your soul, but you feel something is missing …

smARTist Revival Podcast #2 gives you the complete, 7-day, one-and-only, professional, art-career development conference — AKA The smARTist Telesummit, full-immersion event focused on life/work balance.

As a self-supporting artist for 18 years…

Thank you, Ariane, for putting on an amazing smARTist Telesummit. What you are doing is so valuable.

I’ve been a self-supporting artist for the past 18 years, and I was afraid I might not learn too much new. But there were so many choice nuggets and new ideas to absorb that I’m thrilled.

The speakers were excellent—inspiring and enjoyable to listen to, again and again. And every time I listen, I get another tip I hadn’t focused on before.

For example, I recently won a National Portfolio competition and was signed to a prominent Toronto gallery. I used Joan Stewart’s talk on Publicity to help me send out a press release to my contact list and the media, which resulted in a lot of local press.

My new gallery was very impressed and said they’ve never worked with an artist who is so knowledgeable and pro-active about promotion

Please keep me on your mailing list and count me in for the next one!

~ Shirley Williams

smARTist Revival Podcast #2

Artists, Balance Your Life. Sell Your Art. All from the comforts of studio or home!

PODCAST #2: What Do You Get?

A Podcast Revival of the complete, live, 7-Day, professional-development conference for visual artists…the original smARTist Telesummits

  • 13 Art-Career Experts & Successful Artists from the original, 7-day, full-immersion event
  • Two Mastermind Panel Discussions: Artists Ask. Experts Answer.
  • 13 Heartfelt & Impactful Presentations from our Established Artists & Professional Experts


Bonus Bundle No.1

The Vision Questionnaire

with 28 questions you will identify your SPECIFIC art-career intentions before you listen… so you know, ahead of time, what you are listening for.

Artists often experience a major shift in their awareness with THE VISION QUESTIONNAIRE, right out of the gate, before hearing a single presentation …

for only $97

The Vision Questionnaire has had an amazing effect on me

Digging deep to get my answers for the smARTist Vision Questionnaire has had an amazing effect on me…there is something about being honest with myself that gives me a sense of finding my “true North.

And a feeling that I’ve found a treasure box inside that I didn’t know I had.

It’s been absolutely wonderful for me.

I feel that you started at the “real” beginning for all of us, and that this has been in integrity for your stated purpose. Thank you!

~Jan Jensen

Bonus Bundle No.2

Two Panel Discussions

with all 13 art-career professionals:
Artists Ask. Experts Answer.
But we had a twist:

  • Question of the Day — One critical, artist question is answered, in turn, by each expert.
  • The 2-Minute Challenge — Each panel member answers a different artist’s question.
  • The Hot-Seat — One artist’s dilemma is highlighted, and the entire panel responds.

for only $97

…your Panel today was worth the price of admission.

I really enjoyed the panel today. It was wonderful to be encouraged to make art rather than allow the negative spin on the economy to rule my thinking.

I am believing that all is possible, bolstered by the rich ideas and suggestions shared today

If this was it, your Panel today was worth the price of admission.

Thanks, Ariane, for making possible a source of much needed good news and encouragement!

~ Vicki S

Here’s a sample of questions that artist asked the panel
(There are soooo many more, I couldn’t fit them all in!)

  • At this point in my career, I need to work at a ‘day’ job to make money. This leaves me with limited time and energy for both creating and marketing. Where can I put my artistic energy to get the biggest bang for my buck?
  • Do you have one guiding rule that you follow when it comes to setting up payment for commissions? How do you get your customers to follow through with payment?
  • I am involved in too many art forms (I’m what Barbara Sher calls a ‘scanner’ and Margaret Lobenstine calls a ‘Renaissance Soul’). Although I can’t imagine myself settling with just one art form, I feel that I need to narrow my focus considerably. How do I assess which to choose?
  • Should I consider licensing my work even if it is not being used for commercial purposes, just as a way to protect myself if anyone were to stumble upon an image of it?


Goodness knows, I have.

The problem is buying a program with no road map for how to apply what I’m learning.

That’s all on me. Ugh.

So, I decided to make sure you completely use what you just bought.

It’s my super simple, Stay-on-Track Worksheets!

Bonus Bundle No. 3

Will help you…

1. BEFORE you listen: Identify where your art career is going, what’s missing, and what you need.

2. DURING listening: Insert the specific information related to where your art career is going, what’s missing, and what you need.

3. AFTER you listen: Create a Step-by-Step Action Plan to power up a specific project for where your art career is going, what’s missing, and what you need.

These worksheets target the information on each episode to what your career needs right now.

for only $97

The smARTist Telesummit was a find for me!

With every passing day, what smARTist facilitated for me has been uplifting and significant.

Including an incredible wealth of knowledge that continues to profoundly impact my awareness of all the possibilities for a working artist, as well as my life as a human being!

The smARTist Telesummit was a find for me! If only you knew HOW MUCH this has affected my life for the better.

I send you this gratitude because what you have done is revolutionary, Ariane, and as I continue to uncover my own gifts, I am going to come back again to say Thank you!!!!!

~ Kerrie B. Wry

Balance Your Life, Sell Your Art
So… What Will You Learn?

Art-Career-specific, practical, step-by-step skills
From absolute “masters
Who translate left-brain strategies into the right-brain mindset of creative professionals

The Telesummit information is of great benefit to artists who want to succeed.

As an emerging artist I found the smARTist Telesummit speakers knowledgeable on a variety of pertinent topics about how to be more successful in the marketplace: getting good gallery representation; the possibilities of licensing; representing myself through my own website; using the web to raise awareness about my art and my website; and a variety of tips on connecting with interested collectors.

Thank you for your offerings and the kind and positive message you sent to all of the artists involved.

I think the Telesummit information is of great benefit to artists who want to succeed.

~ Gregory Reade

Here’s Your
smARTist Revival Podcast #2
Line Up

Your Creativity Into Life

  • Nurture your creativity by first organizing your life

Jennifer Loudon

smARTist® Organizational Expert
A personal-growth coach &
organizational mentor

Jennifer’s The Life Organizer Book: Tips, Stories, & Prompts to Focus on Your Needs & Navigate Your Dreams is one of nine books on personal growth that she’s written in over 30 years.

How to Sell Your Art Through Art Consultants

  • Find the best art consultants using 6 critical questions, then learn how to close your dream deal so the consultant sells for you

Geoffrey Gorman

smARTist® Established Artist & Coach is a decades-long, practicing artist, whose sculptures are exhibited around the US, as well as in China, South Korea, and Canada, with published articles in the New York Post, Southwest Art, American Craft, American Style and Cloth, Paper, Scissors

How to Write Them for Art Buyers and Collectors

  • Learn about the new rules of press releases and how to successfully write for art buyers and collectors, not just journalists

Joan Stewart

smARTist® Publicity Expert & Coach has mentored, coached, and taught more than 50,000 CEOs, small business owners, authors, speakers, experts, nonprofit executives, corporate PR pros, and publicists on how to tell their stories to the world… and get thousands of dollars in free publicity.

12 Levers to Move Your Art from the Hobby-It-Isn’t to the Business You Want

  • Increase your creative output by painlessly overcoming your resistance to running a business
  • Set up a simple business model, then learn how to “steal” business ideas so you really stand out from the crowd

Michael Bungay Stanier

smARTist® Business Expert — is the founder and Principal of BOX OF CRAYONS, working with organizations & teams around the world using his award-winning coaching program, GET UNSTUCK & GET GOING on the stuff that matters.

How to Make Your Art Support You…Not the Other Way Around

  • Learn how to see your art from your buyer’s point of view, and watch your sales soar
  • Learn new tricks for how to use your time so it serves you, and not the other way around

Aletta de Wal, M. Ed

smARTist® Art-Career Expert — is “equal parts artist, educator and entrepreneur“ inspiring artists to make a better living through her consultations and classes.

That Keep You Broke

  • Recognize the “Five Money Dramas” that keep you broke, broke, broke so you can…
  • bridge the gap between doing the work you love, and earning a living

Molly Gordon, MCC

smARTist® Entrepreneur Expert has been a life and executive coach for over 25 years, helping people all over the world grow in authenticity and fulfillment.

Every year (heck! Several times a year!) the world of art licensing changes. How do you keep up?

  • Keep egg off your face by learning about the single, biggest mistake artists make when trying to license their work
  • Learn 5 simple ways to tell if your art can be licensed, and which strategies will convince an art director to license your work

Michael Woodward

smARTist® Art Licensing Expert — wrote Art Licensing 101, and heads up his Sarasota, FL agency, OUT OF THE BLUE specializing in fine art and photography.

far from the art world competition

  • How can you opt out of your traditional market and multiple your art selling effectiveness?
  • What’s the best way to look at a strategic alliance to be sure it’s successful?
  • Which strategic alliance elements must you pay attention to, and which can you ignore?
  • Why is this Power of Three so successful: shared clients, art focus, and long-term relationships?
  • What kind of research must you do before setting up a strategic alliance?
  • How do you assess if the alliance will be profitable or not?

Mark Silver

smARTist® Business-with-Heart Expert — wants self-employed people to become profitable with a sustainable business that allows them to be a beacon of generosity in the fabric of their community.

He is the founder of Heart of Business.

on a Shoestring Budget

  • Learn specific ways to balance making art with marketing art, so you stay in budget, on target, and don’t burn out
  • Set up simple recordkeeping systems that help you sell more art

Alyson Stanfield

smARTist® Art-Biz Coach —is the “chief instigator” of multiple business programs for artists, and the author of I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion.

Every Artist Needs to Know

  • Resistance compromises creativity. Overcome any small or large resistance to running a business, and you increase your creative intelligence
  • Create success for your art career with 12 career-building habits that work every time

Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

smARTist® Creativity Expert — is an American psychotherapist, teacher, coach, author and atheist. His most popular books include Fearless Creating, The Van Gogh Blues, Coaching the Artist Within, and The Atheist’s Way.

Waverly Fitzgerald

smARTist® Time Expert —is the author of Slow Time: Recovering the Natural Rhythm of Life, a guide for anyone starved for time.

Based on her years of research and teaching, she helps you create more spacious and meaningful relationships with time.

Are You In Sync?

  • All of life has a rhythm. The sea. Seasons. Our Heartbeat.
  • Your creative life also has a rhythm. And it’s essential to your work
  • Use the seasons to trigger a surge in your creativity
  • Identify your prime time, so you are ready to work when you are most creative
  • Learn how to expand your time horizon for a bigger picture of your art career

… and Other Reasons Every Artist Needs a Website & Blog

  • Maximize your exposure to collectors with a killer blog … which might even land you on national TV.

Claudine Hellmuth

smARTist® Established Artist — is, in her own words, “a retro-whimsical artist & illustrator…bossed around by a cat named Brian.”

What Do Artists Really Need to Know?

  • Find out which basic things you need to know about art law—so you can stop worrying
  • There are ways to protect yourself that, once known, will leave you free to create!

Leonard DuBoff

smARTist® Art Law Expert — is one of the pioneers of the field of art law and a founding member of The DuBoff Law Group, LLC, representing museums, galleries, dealers, photographers, artists and craftspeople.

He was a law professor at Lewis & Clark Law, at the Stanford Law School and at the Hastings College of Civil Advocacy.

Are you ready to Balance Your Life. Sell Your Art.

All from the comforts of studio or home?

smARTist® Revival Podcast #2

Only $97 (originally $495)

For $97…
I’m ready to dive in!

At last, I can grasp the true spirit of my work.

I would like to express my profound gratitude to you, Ariane, for organizing the smARTist Telesummit, two times in a row!

Thanks to pure luck, I found your website two and a half years ago. Since then, your wonderful book and the Telesummits have helped to make my career a lot easier to advance.

I wish I’d met you 10 years ago! The young artists coming to smARTistâ are really lucky to be there now, not 10 years down the road.

It’s not only the Telesummit that helped, but the ensemble of resources: your book + the Telesummits. At last, I can grasp the true spirit of my work.

The change is so big that I bet most people would feel scared.

I will not be surprised if everything takes a completely new and unexpected route: my medium, profile, direction, priorities…all of my career.
So, thank you. And thanks to all of the speakers who came on board! ~ Dmitry Badiarov

Are you ready to…

Balance Your Life
Sell Your Art?

For $97… Yes…
I’m ready to dive in!


Your Vision

Identify your art-career intentions before you listen.


Your Two Panel Discussions

Artists ask.
Experts Answer.


Your Stay-On-Track Worksheets

Immediately apply what you learn with exclusive Before, During, and After Worksheets.




(originally $495)

Now $97 – for Podcast #2
Balance Your Life and Sell Your Art

You have questions? I thought so….

Who, specifically, is this smARTist Revival Podcast #1 for?

– Any visual artist at any career level: beginner, mid-career, established.

Why is listening to this podcast material important?

– It isn’t for everyone. But in today’s creator economy, you’re seriously behind if you don’t have an art-career foundation in place.

And, even before you start listening, you get the Vision Questionnaire with 28 art-career questions, each one helping you lay out exactly what you want from your art career right now.

Why should I listen to you? Who are you?

/best,I’m Ariane Goodwin, Ph.D., an artist ally for over 20 years. During my doctoral program in Creativity and Human Development, I became obsessed with this: Why do artist find it so hard to write an artist statement?

Which led me to write — WRITING THE ARTIST STATEMENT: REVEALING THE TRUE SPIRIT OF YOUR WORK — the only book, then and now, on artist statements.

That led me into private coaching, which led me to this: Why do artists fail to consider what they do as a career? A practice, yes. A business, maybe. But a career fell to the renown or dead ones (so-and-so’s career retrospective).

That led to the smARTist Telesummit, a professional development conference where I challenged artists to put on their career cloak-of-many-colors. Back then, I was a lone voice in the art-career wilderness.

Now, the very thing I begged artists to consider—an art-career—is a thriving, online reality. But, you still need the ever-green building blocks in this conference/podcast to live your best art-career vision.

What will I learn in this Podcast?

– You’ll learn the same ever-green, art-career material that thousands of artists from around the world had access to: from selling your art, to publicity tips & tricks, to getting buyers without a gallery (and before Instagram), or nailing a museum exhibition, and how to talk to gallery owners, or decide if licensing is for you, as well as the basic mistakes of most artist statements, and more.

It’s the art-career resource that artists returned to year after year.

Note: 95% of all information is evergreen. 5% of these art-career presentations may no longer apply due to technological advancements.

OK. Got it. This must be expensive?

– No. It’s $97.

A week-long conference of art career material usually costs $1200 or at least $479, or more… What’s the deal?

This 7-day conference ran every year for six years–before I burned out. Now that I’m back on a new site (, I’m reviving this conference as podcasts so even more artists, like you, can benefit.

Yes, some technology has changed. Yes, there are newer social media opportunities. But, making and selling art, like building a sailboat, is 95% evergreen.

This material is foundational no matter what stage your art career finds itself.

What’s missing in this conference material that other conference offer?

– Funny you should ask. Because… there are no other art-career, professional development conferences online or off.

The magnitude of pulling together over a dozen experts & successful artists for 7 days of gritty, hands-on, action-oriented art career presentations for six years was craaaazy hard. And craaazy worth it.

OK, but still… Is it worth $97?

– The original conference cost $495 to attend. A single coaching session from some of the presenters would cost you from $350 up to $1000.

You may listen to the presentations as many times as you need. And the bonus workbooks can be used over and over as the actions you take move your career forward.

How long will it take to see results?

– That depends on which action steps you take consistently. If you follow the individual workshops, and begin implementing the material right away, expect some good traction in 60 to 90 days. You can likely advance your art career in 3 to 12 months. If you do nothing, you won’t see results.

Does the smARTist Revival Podcast come with email or call support?

– No, the podcast is self-guided and self-paced. Remember, you have the Vision Questionnaire, which gives you a customized structure for listening for what you need, right now.

Plus, the Before, During, and After “Stay-on-Track Worksheets,” are a guided support system where you match the specific ideas you hear to the action steps you need to take for what you identified as your career’s most pressing issues right now.

Do I get lifetime access?

– Absolutely. You can access smARTist Revival Podcast #1 for as long as you’d like, with no extra payment.

OK. What do I do next to turbo-charge my art career with this material?

– Click the “Listen now $97” button below and start listening today.

Do you think smARTist® Revival Podcast #1

Time to Get Recognized. Exhibited.
And Paid what you deserve!

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