Writing the Artist Statement

with Grace and Ease

Intimidated by writing your artist statement?

I’m betting you’d rather spend your last dime on great art supplies…

…than write about what someone can already see!

The Real Problem?
Selling your art is not as simple as seeing

We are all hardwired for complexity with our:

  • visual
  • auditory
  • kinesthetic
  • psychic, and linguistic sensibilities

         (to name just a few),

The Real Solution?

You need several strategies to bond with art lovers …

Because you never know which one will seal the deal!

I recently sold 3 paintings!

My statement is having immediate results, which I never anticipated.

One buyer told me that my artist statement made her realize she needed to purchase one of my works!

Again, thank you.    ~ M. DeMarco, painter

Now with so much more:
the all new 3rd edition

Writing the Artist Statement eBook

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You don’t want to pick through a word jungle to snack on gold.

This book is quick & easy reading.
Short, snappy chapters.
No filler. No fluff.

A powerful, step-by-step learning process
guides you through what, why, how, where, and when

you need an artist statement… as basic as your art supplies!

Writing the Artist Statement “Ambitious Bundle”
is NOT for you
if you …

Are wedded to the idea that your visual work does all the heavy lifting and you don’t need words
Are hyper-focused on the marketing aspect of your statement
Are averse to diving deep and honest self-reflection
Like your material cut & dry

Expect every page to be packed with info (sometimes pages, and your eyes, need a break from dense text!)

Have a hard time moving into and trusting an exercise when the result isn’t immediately obvious

Revealing what, how and why you do your art
does not dismantle
the beauty or mystery of it.

Quite the opposite.

Your effort invites others to
participate in the mystery & share the beauty.

is as Basic As Art Supplies,
when you …

Need an artist statement, but don’t know where to startand want help with the writing part
Have an artist statement…but your work has evolved
Are ready to bond with art lovers by recovering your unique, private language around your art

Are intimidated by writing about your work, but won’t let that stop you from glowing up

Are ready to expand your creative spirit with a deeper relationship to your artwork

Are willing to roll up your sleeves and try my approach, even when it feels quirky, because the prize you take home is depth over superficiality
Want to experience the power of giving your art patrons one more way to love you
Want another way to stand out from the thousands of artists hanging off the artpreneur rollercoaster
Want to dive deeper, stay engaged, and take action with my Ambitious Bundle “Stay On Track” Workbooks, once a week for 6 weeks.
Want the Ambitious Bundle advantage, 7-weeks of 14 emails “Reading & Writing Schedule” that walks you step-by-step through the new 3rd Edition ebook

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Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work gives you
just the right amount of hand-holding without insulting your intelligence.

And best of all, you don’t even have to like to write.

I have to tell you that your book has been an invaluable tool for me.

I used it years ago to write my first “authentic” artist statement. Now years later, I use it when my work evolves and changes because I need to 1) not only write about these changes, but 2) to understand them.

I continue to use the book when a new series emerges. Writing a “statement” for a series helps me to see where the work is going and how it is all connected.

~ Michelle DeMarco, artist

From beginning to end, your book was easy
to follow and understand.

~ BRUCE FOWLER, sculptor

This book was good for me to read, encouraging, and fun to do. It never occurred to me that my statement would change over time as my work evolved. Thank you.

~ KAREN J. WASSMER, artist

And now, announcing…

The newly-revised, 2023 eBook
Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work

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This brand new, 3rd Edition eBook
is as basic as art supplies and
gives you..

  • The single, guiding principle behind a working definition of an artist statement
  • Why your statement is never a bio, cv, or badly disguised critique
  • Which mindsets stop you cold—in writing, art, or life
    • Proven writing methods… even if you don’t like to write
    • A way to “seal the sale” with serious collectors
    • A way to uncover, and share, the soulful place you go when creating your work
    • What gallery owners really think about artist statements
    • A way to do what AI can never do: capture your organic “self-talk” about your art. (I promise, you’re talking all the time about your work, even when you don’t think you are.)
    • Which top 7 presentation strategies compel people to read your statement, then turn around for a second look at your work
    Writing the Artist Statement 3rd edition book cover

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    • Weekly Email #1 summarizes the previous week, lays out the current week’s schedule, and gives youprompts to follow.
    • Weekly Email #2 lays out the 2nd half of that week’s work, along with prompts to keep you going.

    2. Your “STAY-ON-TRACK” Workbooks, which arrive in your inbox, once a week for 6-Weeks:

    • Each workbook is a companion to your “Reading & Writing Schedule” emails so you can dive deeper into the material.
    • Each workbook follows the new, 3rd edition ebook –> Writing The Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work.
    • Each workbook lays out the exact sequence of action steps you need to write your artist statement by the end of Week 7.

    3. Your AI CHEAT SHEET

    • So you know exactly what AI can and can’t do for you
    • Brings you up to speed on AI info applicable to artists
    • Offers guidance on AI best Practices & Pitfalls

    Your book was a lifesaver! The writing exercises took away my fear and made a difference not just in my writing, but also in my work.

    I would have been lost and frustrated without it.

    ~ Lauren Simon, ceramic artist

    I received the book & I love it!!! It’s GREAT!!!!
    Thank you so much!

    ~ Louise Telford, artist

    Writing the Artist Statement focused my connection to my art in a new way. The whole process primed me, gave me a sense of direction.

    Now, when I’m faced with choosing what to paint out of hundreds of photographs, understanding what moves me, this core place of nostalgia, gives me the reference point I need.

    ~ R. McMurray,
    Pres. of the Federation of Canadian Arts

    Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work


    As Basic As Art Supplies
    Your digital version to print or read

    The New eBook
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    The 3rd Edition eBook –
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    142 “taking-action” pages
    Sample artist statements
    Full-color images of artwork
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    Get. It. Done.

    1. A twice-weekly email (for 7 weeks),
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    Keep engaged & on track!

    2. An AI Cheat Sheet:
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    3. The 6-Week “Taking-Action”
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    TO …

    Get. It. Done.

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    With your new eBook and its 3-part “Ambitious Bundle,”
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    • PART 1: Follow my “Reading & Writing Schedule” emails to finish the book & write your artist statement in 7 weeks!

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    Each email’s practical prompts follows the suggested reading, so you nail your first AS draft by Week 5.

    • PART 2: But that’s not all. Each week, for 6 Weeks, I’ll send you a snazzy “STAY-ON-TRACK Workbook” so you can dive deep, integrate the material, and TAKE ACTION!

    After writing your first artist statement draft, you get one week to cool off before editing…but no worries, the bi-weekly email keeps coming to support you!

    • PART 3: Learn what AI can and can’t do for your artist statement
    • SURPRISE BONUS: Send your completed Artist Statement to ariane@arianegoodwin.com and I’ll send you a pat-on-the-back, Artist Statement Certificate of Completion –because, well… You. Did. It!

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    Hi, I’m Ariane,
    the author of this one-and-only book, and AMBITIOUS BUNDLE, dedicated to artist statements.

    I’m also an artist ally deeply committed to artists finding their True North with fundamentally different approaches to selling art, like …

    … accelerating the opportunities for sales by bonding with the people who love your art.

    From smARTist 2.0 to new courses supporting your resilient, creative mindset, I’m here for you and your artistic spirit.

    for $47… Yes, add the whole
    to my cart…

    P.S. If you—in your heart of hearts—don’t think you got your money’s worth (and more), you have my Heartfelt Full-Refund Guarantee. No questions asked!

    Have a question? I’m here for you:

    My artistic partner is dyslexic, with a real writing phobia.

    Your book is a fantastic teaching aid.

    The floodgates have opened and made him realize that he can write.

    What a godsend!

    ~ J. Brett, London, UK

    I recently sold 3 paintings!

    My statement is having immediate results, which I never anticipated.

    One buyer told me that my artist statement made her realize she needed to purchase one of my works!

    Again, thank you.

    ~ M. DeMarco, painter

    Writing the Artist Statement 3rd edition book cover

    Accelerate Selling Your Art and . . .
    Bond With The People Who Love Your Art

    FREE: Artist Manifesto



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