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Ariane Goodwin Writing and Editing relief for the Creative EntrepreneurFor six years I pioneered the smARTist Telesummit… and then, poof! I was gone. Now, after my 4-year-offline Life Break, I’m ready to re-engage with you, my artists, my creative professionals.

How the heck have you been?

I’m pretty sure you haven’t been standing still for the last 4 years, right? And you still see future fireworks for the creative career that whispers to you day and night, yes?

My life-changing whisper came in the form of a delicious love affair, honest-to-goodness courting, engagement, and the wedding I couldn’t resist.

And, yes, that was followed by some entrepreneurship exhaustion after me+smARTist+Blue Stocking+coaching+business development+single parenting+writing, followed by full-knee replacement surgery, moving to a new zip code, fracturing my femur, and totaling my 18-year-old Toyota. (I’m fine; she, however, has gone to the car-lot-in-the-sky.), getting married, then a year later being hit by an SUV crossing a major intersection (bruised and battered, but no worse, now, for the wear), and sailing through it all because, after all, this is earth with her abundance of challenges.

Wouldn’t have it any other way… you?

That said, you can understand why I retreated offline to love, heal, and feel my way forward.Ariane Goodwin Writing and Editing Relief for the Creative Entrepreneur

Now, I’m back, slipping into a new, exciting, online skin as arianegoodwin.com where I offer Writing and Editing Relief for artists-who-write.

And at the same time, reigniting my previous incarnation as Ariane of smARTist by offering Career Resources for visual artists in smARTist 2.0 (with new leadership by Jordan of Socially Exceptional).

Only, how does one do this now-and-then thing?  Now I’m this, then I was that?

THEN, I pioneered the first-ever book on Artist Statements, as well as the first-ever, professional career-development conference for visual artists. And in the process, my team and I built up a virtual library of smARTist Career Resources—professional career guidelines to help you strategically, successfully put your artwork, your vision, and your message into the world. Now, I ask you, how could I leave all those treasures to gather digital dust on our digital bookshelves?

NOW, I’m writing and editing books for artists-who-write. Like the groundbreaking, how-to book:  I Just Want To Paint! Mixing The Colors You Want by Carol A. McIntyre.  Or the historical novels: Girl In the Afternoon, The Girls with No Names, and Find Me In Havana by Serena Burdick.

Meanwhile… my newfound love of Writing and Editing Relief for artists-who-write has become irresistible.

Be well…

and may you always reveal the true spirit of your work,

Ariane Goodwin Writing The Artist Statement. Writing and Editing relief for the Creative Entrepreneur.