a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career...

a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career...

ARTIST AGREE in their own words…

For over 20 years,

I’ve been helping artists, like you, push the boundaries of their true Creative Self, claim the whole of their Artist Identity, and boldly sell their art to an aching world.

Over time, and many domains…

It seems artists agree about the success and value

they have received from…

This book was good for me to read, encouraging and fun to do. It never occurred to me that my statement would change over time as my work evolved. Thank you.

~ Karen J. Wassmer, artist

Writing The Artist Statement focused my connection to my art in a new way. The whole process primed me, gave me a sense of direction. Now, when I’m faced with choosing what to paint out of hundreds of photographs, understanding what moves me, this core place of nostalgia, gives me the reference point I need.

~ R. McMurray, painter

From beginning to end, your book was easy to follow and understand.

~ Bruce Fowler, Sculptor

My artistic partner is dyslexic, with a real writing phobia. Your book is a fantastic teaching aid. The floodgates have opened and made him realize that he can write. What a godsend!

~ J. Brett, London, UK

You have given the art world a valuable insight and tool.

~ Brady Harp, gallery owner & top
100 amazon.com reviewer

I recently sold 3 paintings! My statement is having immediate results, which I never anticipated. One buyer told me that my artist statement made her realize she needed to purchase one of my works! Again, thank you.

~ M. DeMarco, painter

This book will push start the process of writing an earnest and meaningful artist statement.

It is motivating, reassuring and provides an easy workable approach that removes the barriers to writing your statement.

Complete the exercises and then the finished statement will connect the artist to the artwork in a way that others can enjoy and understand. This book is a great addition to any artist’s reference library.

~ R. H. Mcmurray, ex-pres. of the
federation of canadian artists

ARTISTS AGREE about: The (former) Blue Stocking Salon co-founded with artist Lori Wolfson

I see it: you’re an artist whisperer, Ariane. You make us feel safe and heard, and that it’s all right to come out into the light of our creative being.

~ Lori Wolfson

You two are doing amazing things. Each discussion gets better and better. I’ve loved the one on how music affects art. And also the one about art being the equivalent of sex. I love talk about art and taboo subjects.

The calls have a rich brainstorming component, where the original topic or question might morph into something much more meaningful than the original topic or question. Often, they dig very deep, forcing much thought.

With the exception of a small circle of friends here in Ottawa, I have not found a group that is as inclusive in their thinking as Ariane is with the community of artists she’s helped to create globally.

This has been much more important to me than I’d thought it would be. You keep things on point and nonconfrontational, which is the downfall of many blog sites. People will write things they would never say “face-to-face.”

You encourage, which is the soul of success.

You applaud appropriately and disagree gently, so things always keep going, and people feel free to let their minds really go for it…whatever “it” proves to be…and “it’s” always enlightening and/or interesting.

Thanks Ariane, you have touched my life and career as an artist in a very profound way. Thank you both.

~ Kate Aubrey

ARTISTS AGREE about: Private Coaching

My artist statement sounds great! I like the way you included the new material I sent, especially your phrasing: “Intuition informs what reason shapes.” You’ve captured the essence of my work.

~ O. Stamatiou, painter

Underhanded magic. Yes, it is just as I was saying to Gary, Your skills are astonishing and powerful in evoking clarity. Sooner or later.

~ Lori Wolfson, painter

Ariane truly understands the creative process. With her suggestions, I found myself working from my soul as my source of inspiration, affirming and deepening my knowledge of what my artwork is all about. I gained insight into my own creative process and came out with material for self-promotion. I highly recommend her work.

~ Tom Wyatt, photographer

We love what you did with the artist statement and the statement on the “Spirit Messenger.” Having a shorter version of the artist statement would be great also. Good luck and Thanks…

~ Norbert Ohnmacht, sculptor

When I first found Ariane’s website, it was instantly soothing. Nowhere else could I find the quality of information she provides. No one else comes close to describing the artist statement process inside out, and the best way to approach and accomplish this great task. The level Ariane operates on far exceeds what anyone would expect and hope for. It was an empowering experience to work with her. Thank you, Ariane!

~ Justine Faye Ashbee, artist

I began this journey with one show booked, I now have 3 more. I went from never selling anything, to selling 4 pieces at my 1st show. Business cards, postcards, bio, artist statement, portfolio, all done thanks to Ariane. I know how to approach a gallery owner and what to say. All this in only 4 months! An investment in coaching with Ariane is an investment in myself, I am worth it, and the payoffs are huge!!

~ Sarah Ballinger, artist

I cannot thank you enough for saying just the very things I could not say for myself. The Artist Statement, that you did for me, is a wonderful piece of writing.

~ Phillipa Lach, fabric artist

I was following other people’s formulas for getting my art career going, trying to get a website up and running and entering shows, but it just didn’t feel right.

In our initial session, you helped me realize that what I was missing is my artistic fingerprint.

You helped me identify who I am as an artist, what I do that is different from what other artists are expressing. For me, this has been the major success of the art coaching.

You helped me focus on what I want to do and where I want to go, which helps me be more of a risk taker as I present my own work more compellingly.

This has catapulted me into feeling like, now, I really am an artist. Because of the coaching, I know where I want to go and how to get there, and not in terms of business formulas, because I knew that part. It has been in terms of helping me with self-actualization. I’m just beginning, but on my way.

After I started coaching, I got accepted into four juried shows. After one of these, I was invited to participate in the Crystal City, Virginia Art Walls project with a public installation that included a plaque with my name, title of the paintings and my artist statement.

I think it was the best decision that I have made in my art career is to sign up with you.

~ Maryann Pranulis, artist

Dr. Goodwin is professional and articulate, with amazing insights and creative career ideas. She takes the business pressure off of me so I can concentrate on painting.

~ Olga Stamatiou, painter

In the first session, the ideas you gave me have already been worth every penny, and more. I’m really energized and ready to see this journey to the end.

~ Sharon Pitts, watercolor artist

Working with you has been brilliant, uncanny, a mysterious kind of spirit collaboration, which is the real work. I could never work with someone who only did the marketing and business.

You’re awesome for brainstorming, too. What we did today, is like, Wow! OK, I have somebody to bounce stuff off of, who is a visionary.

If somebody said, What does she do for you? I’d be like, Oh, my God. She organized me, but she let me fly.

I feel like I have laser purpose now, a laser focus—on the path.

~ Jeanne Bessette

Ariane has changed my life. Because of her encouragement and coaching I have started studying with a teacher and mentor and will be sculpting full time in a few years when I wind down my “current” professional career. I wish I had met Ariane sooner; she is nothing short of amazing!

~ Jeffrey Breslow, sculptor and
CEO of Big Monster Toyse

Six months ago I entered the world as a full time artist, optimistic and completely naive. I started with no knowledge of how the art world works: what is an artist statement? And why do I need one? Descriptive sentence, tagline, value of marketing? How could any of this possibly relate to me — I mean, I don’t make athletic shoes after all! I am an artist, I create the piece and someone buys it right? Simple….In my dreams!

Fortunately for me, in my second month as a full time artist I found Ariane! What a gift that turned out to be. Priceless! My world had experienced a quake, and the ground under my feet was shifting rapidly. Ariane helped me to find faith in myself and solid ground during this time of change. It felt overwhelming at times, but Ariane’s instincts as to how much I could handle, and her knowledge of how to go about all of it, were always spot on.

I will be able to draw on the knowledge that Ariane has given me for the rest of my art career.

The range of topics we covered was, and still is, amazing to me. From the practical business end of things to the emotional. What makes up a good website, to the importance of a compelling title for your art. How to make a connection to your art when you didn’t even think you had one. How to respond to people who are less than positive about your life-choice to create — Ariane’s skill level was always there on all levels.

As a wife and mom I am busy, and having Ariane there kept me focused and enabled me to accomplish so much more than if I had tried going it alone.

I began this journey with one show booked, I now have 3 more. I went from never selling anything, to selling 4 pieces at my 1st show. Business cards, postcards, bio, artist statement, portfolio, all done thanks to Ariane. I know how to approach a gallery owner and what to say. All this in only 4 months! An investment in coaching with Ariane is an investment in myself. I am worth it, and the payoffs are huge!!

~ Sarah Ballinger

Where my business was, and where it is now, has changed dramatically due to Ariane’s talent in directing, working with me on ideas, and her ability to help build foundations! She is sensitive to priorities, overload, and has helped me be less anxious and find balance. As for character, I love her honest, direct nature. She’s quick, on the ball, listens, and is always there for suggestions or even a good laugh! I get excited knowing how much I’ve accomplished in such a short time. To sum it up…she is the best investment I ever made!

~ G. Dalsgaard, glass artist

When I first found Ariane’s website, it was instantly soothing. Nowhere else could I find the quality of information she provides. No one else came close to describing the artist statement process inside out, and the best way to approach and accomplish this great task. The level Ariane operates on far exceeds what anyone would expect and hope for. It was an empowering experience to work with her. Thank you, Ariane!

~ Justine Faye Ashbee, artist

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. You are a great teacher and worth every penny. I will suggest you to anyone who is serious about having an artist career. If I have the chance, I will surely send you referrals. The examples you gave during teaching were perfect and helped your points stick in my mind. I find myself laughing about little things we talked about, or a story you told me. Much success to you and I’ll keep you in the loop.

~ Margaux Vaughn, artist

So much has been stirred up by our conversation today. I actually sense new connections being formed between previously separate ideas, leading outward to new ways of seeing and thinking. I greatly value this gift you are giving me. It goes far beyond a simple consultation and pushes into that generative realm of true dialog.

~ Lori Wolfson, painter

I looked at your site many times and resisted the temptation to contact you about the cross road in my new career as a jewelry instructor. Am I glad I lost that battle! In our first session I have learned more from you than in the past two years of thinking about what to do next.

~ Maggie Bergman,
jewelry artist & instructor

Ariane, your insightful, stimulating questions really made me think about my creative process. You have an amazing ability to draw out inner ideas about my painting process. I could hear myself telling you ideas that I haven’t been able to access on my own. In the first session, the ideas you gave me were worth every penny, and more. Almost a year later and the value keeps coming. Great to talk to you…as usual!

~ Sharon Pitts, painter

Talking to Ariane is like opening a window on a beautiful day. In the middle of a major life transition, I was an easy prey for being taken advantage of. Ariane listened carefully and then, with incredible insight, she gave me the tools I neededto figure out what was bogging me down. I gained back the personal strength I thought I’d lost, gained respect from my boss, and got a raise! Now I’m painting in my studio with gusto and confidence. Thank you, Ariane, you have a wonderful gift.

~ Elena du Plessis, artist

Ariane truly understands the creative process. I found myself using her suggestions, and writing from my soul as my source of inspiration. This affirmed and deepened my knowledge of what my artwork is all about. I gained insight into my own creative process and came out with material for self-promotion. I highly recommend her work.

~ Tom Wyatt, photographer

Thanks for your incredible insight–this one I’m printing to keep on my desk. You’re quite amazing. How thrilled I am to have you in my corner.

~ Jeffrey Breslow, sculptor and
former CEO of Big Monster Toys

Before we talked, I was struggling with what direction to take my art. I found our talk very insightful. I finally feel secure in knowing which pathway I should take, which certainly makes it easier to focus! I realize that nothing is written in stone, and life throws curves here and there, but I will remain focused on what I need to do now. Thank you. I look forward to working with you more.

~ Dolores Widman-Cohen

Coaching with Ariane Goodwin has been a wonderful and enlightening surprise. She offers the best of everything: a creative organic process, insight, clarity, compassion, humor, and a razor edge listening skill that doesn’t miss a single important nuance and plays you back to yourself so clearly, it’s astonishing. I was challenged creatively, spiritually and pragmatically. I’ve already recommended her to three other professionals.

~ Raquel Ortiz

Wow! This is fantastic. The documents for my teaching application are uniform, intelligent and have a personal touch. Working with you was energetic, comfortable, and encouraging. I’m so glad I found you! I highly recommend you to anyone stuck on any part of their career.

~ Bruce Fowler, sculptor

If Ariane can help me look this good, imagine what she can do for you!

~ Jerry Crowe, wood artist

ARTISTS AGREE about: the smARTist® Telesummit…

(Now available as smARTist® Revival Podcasts)

A professional development conference for visual artists:

Thank You… Thank you. You are so, so very inspirational. I’m holding my head a little higher and I’m going to pat the doubts down… and just step forward… Starting tonight I’m taking action.

~ Jade Moede

I again want to express my deep appreciation for the work you do to help myself and other artists. Your commitment to what you do inspires me to stay on track with what I do.

One of the deepest resonating messages for me came from you. It registered on my soul level. I think I actually leaped up out of my seat and jumped in the air when I heard it.

Someone asked you, why were you focusing on artists with your Ph.D.?

You said that you’re committed to artists because you believe artists have direct access to the collective unconscious where they help other layers of society evolve toward greater and greater creatively as a whole.

I thank you for your commitment to artists. I thank you for your vision about their role in society. I gobbled this up and it fed me well. Many thanks

~ Gregg Ross, artist

Ariane, your focus on the spiritual side of creativity is so inspiring and thought provoking.

I have a greater appreciation for what I do in terms of knowing it’s impact upon society. I was able to get over a large hurdle in my art career as a result and will focus not upon just selling my art but getting it out there for others. Thank you.

~ Kathy Besthorn

I have been impressed this week with your warmth, insight, smarts (good practical advice and not all touchy-feely) and generosity of spirit (which is contagious).

I look forward to continued learning through you and with you and hope we can stay in contact. Good grief, does that mean I have to get a twitter account?

~ Marcia Middleton

Hi Ariane,

Just wanted to thank you for this week.

I loved how holistic it is, as is your approach. It made it feel that I was part of something even though I never left home.

Being an artist is a very different type of profession and you totally get it!

~ Ann Baker, artist

Well, Ariane, you did it again. THANK YOU! I am a three-time returning smARTist® Telesummit artist. The first time, I did the home edition as I was not aware of your program prior to the actual event.

I have to say, if the summit is missed, the home edition is great. BUT participating is soooo much more powerful.

AND the information gleaned from the forum has been equally amazing! There is power in numbers…. this is such a wonderfully, caring and helpful group of artists. I am honored to be among them!

I too am ready to come back in 2012… and 13…. and 14. Perhaps someday you might even consider adding a day of a panel of successful smARTist alumni? Various topics could be discussed and they could share thoughts/experiences? Sort of a live kickoff of the forum? Just another of my crazy thoughts… Time to get to work!

Back to the easel!

~ Thyra Moore, painter

I’m already so impressed with the positive feel of this Telesummit. Great first day. Lots of wonderful, helpful, thought provoking informationand I love what Ariane said about how art is the heart and soul of civilization.

That turned on a light in me. A light of recognition where the reason I am doing what I do, began to dawn like first morning light. I LOVE being around other artists. I really do.

~ Roni

For me, I just try to stay in groups where I feel comfortable and where I KNOW people are willing to help each other … like THIS ONE! I think we are truly safe here. Ariane will make sure people treat each other with respect and care. She will never let it get out of hand.

So if finding a group to feel safe in is something you need or want … I think you can count on us!

~ Karen Williams Smith

I am loving the conference. Thank you for providing this wealth of information.

~ Rive Nestor

I found that the smARTist® Telesummit far exceeded my expectations. The speakers were professionals at the top of their respective fields of expertise. I was so grateful for their wisdom, insights and practical suggestions. smARTist® took me from a place of bewildered intention about how to build my business to one of deliberate, prioritized action. Many thanks Ariane, for all your hard work, focus and fabulous hosting.

~ Kathy Ford

A superb conference, which has supported and encouraged my marketing efforts. This will help push me over the edge to success with a balance of art production and sales. Thank you for opening up this first conference and I wish the smARTist®-Telesummit all the best success. I forgot to say…I am in London. You are reaching the world!

~ Pam Williams

I thank all of you for this great opportunity! I am excited and honored to participate in such a great, dynamic conference!

~ Shelby Frago

This really is exciting. This smARTist® Telesummit has been terrific. I am SO GLAD that I signed up! The info was great, the speakers full of knowledge and awareness, the sound clear, and the questions were good.

I’ve attended lots of seminars on art and design, and I’ve learned more here to help me to earn a better living than anything I’ve attended on the Internet or trudging around a conference site on foot.

Even though I’ve been running my own business for 26 years, hearing information from so many different perspectives is huge for me. Thank you for doing this conference!

~ Paula Zima

I sure like the attitude presented by you and the smARTist® Telesummit, and how you worked with the technology to make sharing all of this incredible information possible.

~ Kerrie B. Wrye

I am an artist, with a minor in marketing, and I love both marketing and creativity. I also enjoy hearing about empowering people.

I think the smARTist® Telesummit was wonderful and hit all three very well.

Now, even before I create my work, I’m thinking about how best to market it with the information from this conference guiding me.

I am getting what I need, not from one speaker, but from tying together the information from all the speakers. Thanks so much for coordinating this.

~ Judith G. Glover

You have done such an outstanding job with this Telesummit… I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have taken many workshops and have never gained as much as this one. I think of the presentations every day and want to build upon them.

~ Ruth San Pietro

Thank you for pulling together such an outstanding panel of experts. You did a wonderful job of creating the concept for the smARTist® Telesummit and organizing the talent.

I work in the arts, but am beginning a lateral move into a fine art career. With all of this new info, I feel confident that I’ll succeed in making this career change a viable reality. Thanks again for your efforts, and I look forward to being a part of this community.

~ Victoria Primicias

I’ve been selling online and elsewhere for years now (started out on eBay in 2000) and wanted to focus more of my efforts into success. I learned so much at the Telesummit about things I could improve, and ways to tweak parts of my entire work process.

~ Pamela brooke

Wow. I just want to tell you that I think you are doing an extraordinary job and I am learning so much.

I just listened to the audio for Day 2, and I’m impressed by the top notch caliber of the speakers, and the level of the questions and answers. They covered so many different angles of the art-selling process…not only the external How-Tos, but the importance of examining and recognizing what is happening in your inner landscape.

I want to commend you on an incredible job… you ran a marathon with flying colors!

~ Amadea Bailey

Thank you! What a great call this morning… my head is swimming and I am so excited. Just writing down my intention at the first of the week made a huge difference in my life and art career. I love the smARTist® conference!

~ Catherine Foster

This smARTist® Conference has been excellent. It was a big decision for me to take the risk and spend the money, and so far, I’m extremely pleased. The presenters give genuinely of their knowledge. I don’t feel as if anyone is holding back promised information. I have learned many specific things, and I am gaining a better understanding of the BIG picture.

~ Virginia Folkestad

Awesome website classes on the smARTist® Telesummit 2007! You ROCK, Ariane!! Thank you!

~ Rena tucker

Thank you, Ariane, and everyone on today’s panel. I appreciated the variety of backgrounds from which people answered today’s questions.

And I have already received substantial value and knowledge.

I am gaining confidence, and a framework on which to build my business, set priorities, and plan my next steps without completely flipping out. Simple statements like, “one needs to give equal time to marketing as to the development of a body of work,” are deeply helpful as I move into a full time art career.

~ Stede Barber

Thank you so much for this incredible program with so many fantastic experts! Nowadays, many professionals want to keep their “secrets”- secret, because it’s job security. These experts laid it on the line, all the tips and tricks that they have learned over the years. I was able to take their years of experience to escalate & grow my business that much faster. Everyone was so honest and radiated awesome energy and knowledge. Thank you for everything!

~ Jill Cywka

I want to thank you for a truly wonderful Telesummit. It answered so many questions that I have pondered over for years. Each segment was well prepared, and presented, and I couldn’t think of any subjects uncovered! It was an enormous job that you did so well. What a marvelous present you have given artists.

~ Doris Olsen

I am very excited about being part of this smARTist® community. I found so much helpful information from all the speakers. Molly Gordon, especially, seemed to have some golden nuggets for me.

~ Chris Bolmeier

I’m loving what I am learning so far. It sure gives you a lot to think about. Great information. You and your staff have done a wonderful thing in organizing this Telesummit. There is so much to know, but this conference saved me a lot of time by bringing it to me all at once instead of trying to search it out on my own. It was AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~ Jan Gilbert

As an art educator and artist, I signed up for smARTist® Telesummit, knowing that my full-time teaching meant delayed evening access to the information. But I have been steadily listening, writing, making notes (and plans) as I slowly transition from full-time teaching to exhibiting and selling my art.

Thank you for putting together such a practical and inspirational set of discussions.

I was encouraged by hearing what I was doing right. I often recognized myself as I listened to Molly Gordon. I was challenged to a greater professionalism by Michael Woodward, and really, by every speaker.

Congratulations for putting together such a successful and professional conference.

~ Dawn Marie Rozzo

smARTist® has been a gold mine of information. A lot of it was not completely new to me, but having it presented in a focused time frame and reinforced by the different viewpoints of each presenter, really helped me prioritize. The idea of working backwards from a desired goal, for me, is worth the price of admission, since I’ve often gotten stuck going in the other direction. I’d just like to say how helpful it has all been.

~ Laurie

I have been putting the smARTist® Telesummit recordings into iTunes and then listening on my iPod! And I’ve been very pleased and energized with the information provided and positive energy. If the rest is the same as the first session or two, I’ll be very pleased and know I will have learned a lot from everyone. Thanks so much.

~ Victoria L. Herring

I am excited. I had a huge concern that this conference would not be a good fit because I’m not focused on selling my art in galleries and to collectors. But, after yesterday’s first panel session, I see that the marketing ideas are helpful across the board. I’ve participated in many, many courses and it’s wonderful this time to be among people who are concerned about focusing on the arts.

~ Sheila Finkelstein

Ariane, your talk at the smARTist® Telesummit was awesome.

Doing the visual about escorting the critic out of the room was VERY powerful for me? Thank you for that experience. Thank you so much for all your hard work with this conference.

~ Betsy Ryszkowski

I am thrilled to have participated in the smARTist® Telesummit! I have so much work to do. This is just what I needed to start an abundant coming year!

~ Cynthia Fraulahahn

I just want to say that I’m glad I invested in this Telesummit and thank you.

~ Susan McAliley

REALLY valuable info! Got a LOT of ideas on things I can do to make a difference in my career. Thanks so much!

~ Todd Baxter Dawson

Hi Ariane, You haven’t heard questions from me because I’m furiously scribbling notes as I listen to each speaker. I’m tremendously pleased with the information and know that I will have many new steps to take in the next few months.

In fact, there is so much here that I’m sure I will be reading and rereading the handouts and notes and listening to these presentations for a long time to come.

I’m also becoming more aware of inner work and outer feedback I will need to move forward. Clarity, focus, and choices are issues coming up for me.

I’m coming away with a whole lot of ammunition to help me set and reach my goals and getting the knowledge I need to know where to look further when I need help.

Thanks for putting this together.

~ Phyllis Tarlow

Hi Ariane, I thought that I would just let you know how much I’ve been encouraged to get my work and name out there right from the start of the Telesummit process. By the end of listening to a couple of the free seminars, I was already thinking differently and am now seeing some interesting results.

The Eastern New York Chapter of the Nature Conservancy is using one of my images on a card they are printing up and distributing and I made sure my credit would include my web address. Also, I just heard from Judson’s Art Outfitters, which has a catalog and an online site, that they are giving me an Artist of the Month spot in their November email newsletter complete with a link to my site, a write-up and several images of my Fall paintings.

I will keep on getting listed everywhere I can and applying for showcases like Artist of the Month wherever I can. I now have a heightened understanding of where and what to do to get exposure. It will be interesting to see if I can take these two happenings and use them as stepping-stones to other publicity. Another thing I learned from the Telesummit seminars. Looking forward to an exciting year and to continuing involvement with smARTist®. Thank you for your efforts.

You really gathered some wonderful speakers as well as gave some great presentations yourself.

~ Phyllis Tarlow


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