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When the eldest of my five grandbabies asked me, Mima, why do you write?
Here’s what I told her.
I write because
Words, like honey, flow from my imagination and into my fingers, begging me to slide them onto paper or screen.
Words whisper their rightness to be heard — this one over here, and that one before or after — asking me to give them life.
Words create new worlds where I get to arrange the forests and streams, the wildflowers and mountains… and then hang the moonbeams, stars, and the sun where it gives me the most pleasure.
I write because I love words as they leap tall buildings in a single bound, as they allow me to see the golden night eyes of the jungle, or blow a kiss from my email to yours when I can’t be there to feel your smooth cheek beneath my kiss.
I write to offer my mind, heart, and spirit up to the dance of words, then spin them out to light inspirational fires for the world.
I write because it stirs the love in my heart… as do you, my most precious grandchild.
Ariane Goodwin Writing The Artist Statement. Writing and Editing relief for the Creative Entrepreneur.
Wishing you…
Your Truth. Your Power. Your Word..claim it!