a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career…

a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career…

a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career…

You are so much more than your art!

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Artist Statements, Selling Your Art | 0 comments

more than your art

What on earth do I mean by “you are so much more than your art”?  

There’s a family story that my mother, a watercolor artist hanging with her Big Sur, bohemian crowd (think Man Ray, and the insolent Henry Miller), declared to the gaggle of male artists in her circle, after my birth, that no art could compare to the creation of a child. 

Besides the emotional burden of having to carry her creative outlet, which I’ve long ago released, I re-tell this story here to say: this is not what I mean. 

For my mother, being an artist (which she was in so many respects it’s dizzying) was a zero-sum game, which she stacked up against being a parent.  

And her art lost. (In many ways, her parenting also lost…but that’s another story…) 

Your art and you: the optimal relationship 

 When you immerse yourself in making art, nothing is more fulfilling.  

If you experience “flow” (an expanded state of being where your proprioceptive sense of “I” disappears and the art making becomes everything), that’s likely to increase the internal experience that you are your art. 

And if, on top of that, people tell you how beautiful, amazing, and awesome (three shop-worn adjectives I’d like to toss in the trash) your work is, then being equated with your art becomes too yummy to pull away from. 

And yet, that is exactly what I’m going to ask you to consider doing. 

Extract yourself from your art.  

Just for a moment, right now.  

Take a breath, and write an answer to my following two questions. 

(On what? A Digital note? Some paper beside you? You decide, only, please hang in with me here and do it right now before distraction—or duties—step in!)  

Why write?  

Because writing engages your brain, and your subconscious, in ways that can reveal new information to you, about you. 

And, as odd as it may seem, you and I are heading straight into your art career.  


1. Who are you without your art? 

2. If you couldn’t do the specific art you do, what might take its place? 


You can scroll down and give me your answers below here on this page. 

Or hang onto your answers for a few days because… 

I’ll be back on Friday to consider what an optimal relationship with your art might look like. Or feel like. Or dance like… 

Remember, revealing the true spirit of your work…is the work,  

Ariane Goodwin Writing The Artist Statement. Writing and Editing relief for the Creative Entrepreneur.

Your Truth. Your Power. Your Word. Claim it! 

P.S. When you respond to my two questions here, I’ll take that as permission to share your response with the other artists in my circle—unless you directly ask me not to.  

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