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How Do You Stop Grief, Illness, or Loss From Upstaging Your Art

I suspect this question is so deeply personal that it’s like a fingerprint: each of us will respond from the life conditions that have shaped each of us, and shape us still.

There is strong folklore about the value of the suffering artist to her art; that dark times allow for greatness. Personally, I’m not so sure it’s a useful way to look at suffering.

I suspect some of us are wired to take any and all parts of our life stories and shape them into creative outlets. While others simple find darkness…well…dark. And even others find their art emerges from a kind of elevated flow that’s outside the bounds of dark and light, where emotions seem suspended along with time.

Perhaps, in these deeply upsetting times during a pandemic and righteous, racial unrest where—even if we are not individually experiencing grief, illness or loss—we are affected by the collective grief, illness and loss all around us.

I offer you two questions to consider, which I’d love to hear your responses to in the comments below:

  1. Are you willing to use your art to find your center, your north star, in the midst of any grief, illness, or loss?
  2. How will you encourage the grief, illness or loss in your life to increase (not decrease) your connection to your art?

Remember, keeping your creative resilience strong in the face of loss is paramount especially when you find yourself anxious,

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P.S. For our first smARTist 2.0 offer, check out the remarkable psychotherapist, and visual artist, Dr. Cuellar’s presentation on “How to Keep Grief, Illness, and Loss from Derailing Your Art” where his kindness, compassion, and psychological brilliance all come together. It’s as timely as it gets!

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