a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career…

a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career…

a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career…

Why, oh, why is writing your artist statement so hard?

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I wish I knew the answer. I have a few hunches from my decades of working with artists around the globe.

But what I don’t know is what your reasons are.

If I did, then I would be able to create a live workshop based around your specific needs.

So, will you pretty please, indulge me?

I’ve designed an easy, quick survey to help me understand the best way to help you write the most compelling artist statement you can—even if you don’t like to write!

Even if you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t need one.

Even if you have written one, but aren’t sure it will get the results you want: deeper, more engaged connection with current and potential collectors.

Click Here and tell me what will help you get there.

Remember, revealing the true spirit of your work…is the work,

Ariane Goodwin Writing The Artist Statement. Writing and Editing relief for the Creative Entrepreneur.




Your Truth. Your Power. Your Word. Claim it!

P.S. I know, you may have read my book cover to cover, and still tackling that statement eludes you. I’d like to fix that. But first, I have to know more about you and your work.
Click here and tell me!

P.S.S. Here’s a thought from another artist:

Hello Ariane

I enjoyed your commentary about artists’ statements. Your tips are very useful and I hope they help some artists review or rewrite their statement. I find it interesting, though,

that many artists actually don’t want to write one. They say they don’t need a statement

because their art speaks for itself! They refuse to understand that the statement makes their art more accessible and understandable to a wider audience. I personally think it is very important. ~ Vered Galor, sculptor/photographer

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