a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career…

a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career…

a fundamentally different approach to

Accelerate Your Art Career…

10 Reasonable, Reliable Reasons to Relish Your Artist Statement And why paying attention to every one of them matters!

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1. Because an artist statement affirms what you do, and by extension affirms you.

And none of us can ever have too much affirmation.

2. Because an artist statement calls out for you to recognize the true faces of your deepest self: truth, beauty, and goodness.

And it’s about time, yes?

3. Because an artist statement invites you to experience another level of awareness about yourself and your art.

When you can update your own art experience, why wouldn’t you?

4. Because an artist statement strengthens the relationship you have with your work.

You may feel it’s pretty strong already, but I promise you’ll lift way above your level after writing your artist statement.

5. Because an artist statement builds a compelling bridge between your audience and your art.

Yes, your art is the real deal…but, if you can connect to your collectors on more than one level, why wouldn’t you?

6. Because an artist statement enriches the connection between the artist and the art.

Digging deep into the artist statement reveals more about your work than even you suspected. Surprise yourself!

7. Because it is practical. You can use your artist statement for:

8. Because it makes a deeper statement about self-trust, that you trust yourself enough to flow into another dimension of expression.

No matter how many “rational reasons” you come up with for not writing your statement, behind every one of them is a door marked “Fear.” Are you really going to let a little trepidation get in your way?

9. Because it is a powerful experience to use the tool of language to support what you love.

Even you use language when you think about your art, when you talk about your art…why not learn how to share some of that with the rest of us?

10. Because you can.

Mike drop!


I really don’t care which reason reaches into your psyche and moves you to action. All I care about is that you muster enough courage to reveal the true spirit of your work.

Just pick one and go for it!

Truth.. Power. Art. 

BTW – if going for it feels more confusing than it should, check out my book.

Because I go to great lengths to make crafting your artist statement easy and satisfying, you only have to go to short lengths to get it done!

Want the whole system?

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P.S. Writing your statement has never been so easy! And that’s a promise…

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